Corner Brook Status of Women Council

"Helping all women find a way to
take control and improve the quality of their lives"

In our more than 20 years of operation, The Corner Brook Status of Women Council has been engaging in activities to realize its Mandate. We participate in agency, activism and provide direct service for women. We have been operating since 1975, and incorporated since 1985. We are governed by a volunteer board consisting of 15 members, four of whom are the executive: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary. We hold monthly meetings participate in subcommittees to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the Women's Centre.

The Centre provides:

  • crisis intervention
  • short term supportive counseling
  • community education
  • outreach
  • professional development
  • policy consultation
  • community leadership
  • support housing
  • and space for a variety of self help and therapeutic groups.
The Centre

The Centre deals with telephone and walk in crises. We act as a referral source for women with a variety of issues and concerns. Furthermore our Women's Centre has a Resource Library which is open to the public and a Second Stage Housing apartment which is rented at a low cost to women in a variety of situations. We also collect and store Donations of used clothing for women and children who are in need.